In 2008, Jeanette met Russell at work. Jeanette had worked there for many years, and Russell was new. It took Jeanette some time to learn that Russell was a writer and to trust him enough to tell him her very personal story.


After she told him, he asked if anyone had offered to write a book about her childhood. She responded that four people had, but she did not trust them.


After a tension-filled pause, Jeanette offered Russell the opportunity to bring her story to life.


The result of their partnership is DRIVING THE BIRDS. Jeanette is a retired nurse. Now she and Russell are close friends and live only minutes apart in California.



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Please visit the official Facebook page for Jabonkah Sackey (Jeanette Mills), whose powerful, evocative, and highly personal rendering of freedom from her childhood in Liberia was revealed in the award-winning memoir Driving the Birds.




Jeanette in 2012