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Interview of Jabonkah Sackey regarding her Liberian childhood where she exposes the Sande's secret society. Jabonkah is a victim of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) by the cutting hands of the Sande, in 1956. Her memoir is Driving the Birds.


Driving The Birds

This new memoir details the shockingly true story of a courageous, determined young girl’s perilous journey from mid-century Africa to America and toward the life of freedom she has always wanted.

"The language is understated, but quietly beautiful, and I find myself invested in Jabonkah as she's portrayed on the page, not only because of what happens to her, but because of her view of the world, sometimes sweet and sometimes shrewd, and always strong."

Rebecca, literary agent

“The story is compelling and the writing is extremely strong—some of the metaphors are wonderfully original. Moreover, the author manages to capture the child’s voice perfectly.”

Valerie, professor

“Captures the voice of a young girl growing up in the bush in Liberia with a horribly abusive father who has several wives. Jabonkah is feisty and imaginative which brings on more beatings, also because she's left handed, therefore a witch. Love how we see Africa through her eyes. The segment where Jabonkah goes through the ritual female circumcision is the most powerful I've ever read.”

Kathryn, author


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